Juki HZL-F300 Review

Juki HZL-F300 Review

Computerized sewing machines can feel like a big investment. Juki is one of the top brands that offer this level of machine. If you're considering getting the Juki HZL-F300, check out what we have to say about it first. It's a great machine, but it does have it's downfalls. 

We tested this sewing machine and found it to be both user-friendly and high-tech. So if you’ve only so far worked with mechanical machines before, this might be just the right machine for you. Keep reading the rest of our Juki HZL F-300 review to learn more. 

Juki Hzl-F300


  • 106 stitches and 16 buttonhole options so you can really customize your work
  • Allows great control while you work
  • Handles large fabric with ease


  • Works a little slower than other models
  • Might skip stitches sometimes
  • A little heavy so it’s not as easily portable

Our verdict in short? This Juki HZL-F300 is great for both sewing and quilting. Whether you want to do a simple stitch job or you’re doing some more complicated embroidery work, you can use this machine to help you out. Of course, it helps that it includes 106 stitch patterns and 3 different fonts, which means that you have many options to choose from and many projects that you can personalize.

What We Loved About The Juki HZL-F300

But perhaps you’re still learning how to use a more automated machine like this one, or you’re learning to sew in general. You’ll love the Juki then, which includes an automatic electronic sensor that will help the machine run both safely and quickly.
We love that there’s an automatic one-touch needle threader, and an automatic thread cutter right in the machine. If you’ve only used a mechanical sewing machine before, you’ll fall in love with these features. For larger projects too, the wide extension table is definitely a must.

There are other Juki sewing machines though, so what makes this one special? Well, take a look at the digital display on this Juki, which will help you navigate through all those stitch patterns. This is what makes this machine so great for both quilting and sewing, since you can take a look at the stitch you want right on the digital display.

Important Features of the Juki HZL F300

Let’s go through a few more of the features. If you’ve had problems loading the bobbins into previous  sewing or embroidery machines, you’ll love the easy-wind bobbin system in the Juki. All you have to do is place the bobbin on the pin and wrap some thread around it. Once you step on the foot pedal, you’re good to go.

Don’t forget about the working area either. We love how the working area on this model is spacious, which means that we could sew large swaths of fabric with all the room. You will be able to work on detailed quilting work as well without running out of space. You can even do free-arm sewing if you would like, since all you have to do is remove the auxiliary table.

What else can you do with the digital monitor on this machine too? You can select your pattern, sew it, and then mirror it for a symmetrical stitch. It makes it a lot easier to do decorative stitching, especially since the stitching speed is so quick.

You don’t have to fly through your stitching though. You can adjust the speed using a slider that’s located right along the head of the machine — and which has a cute turtle and rabbit print on it to let you know what speed you’re at. Located right there, you can easily reach the start and stop button, the reverse sewing button, and the needle position button.

One thing to note though - this machine is not the fastest. Whether you think this is a good thing or a bad thing is up to you. But do take note that you’ll only be able to do about 900 stitches per minute. You have a lot of versatility, but not the most amount of speed.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

This is an expensive little machine, so it only makes sense that you’ll want to know more about both the advantages and disadvantages prior to picking one up. Let’s get started then.

Pro: Personalization

So you already know a lot of the amazing features of this Juki sewing machine. There are 106 stitches, which means that you can be as creative as you want. There are even 16 buttonhole options, so if there’s anything you want to personalize, you can definitely do so.

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Pro: Control

This is an industrial-style sewing machine, so you know that it has a lot of power and can do any task that you have in mind. Even though it’s an industrial machine though, you have a lot of control over this machine with the 16 presser feet.
We loved the steel feed dog feature which helped us handle the fabric with ease. If you think you might have a little trouble dealing with large pieces of fabric, the control in this Juki will make this one of the best options.

Con: Speed

When we tested this machine, it was definitely a little slower. You can only stitch at 900 stitches per minute, so if you’re an experienced sewer and you know what you’re doing, you might not want a machine like this that works a little more slowly. This is especially true when you keep in mind that there are sewing and embroidery machines that can do more than 1,100 stitches per minute.

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Con: Skipping

Even though this machine does work a little slowly, we noticed that it sometimes has problems with skipping stitches. This doesn’t happen all the time, and isn’t always a huge problem, but it was definitely annoying when we wanted something just right.

Con: Weight

This is a smaller machine, so you can certainly carry it around with you if you want to make it a portable option. That being said though, for the size, this machine is somewhat heavy. You might want to purchase another option if you’re looking for something that you can carry around with you.

Tips for New Users

If you’ve never used computerized sewing machines, you might be a little bit confused on how to get started. Well, we’ll give you a few tips right here then.

First, start by looking at the display and the keyboard. It can look intimidating, but that’s where you’ll be selecting your stitch pattern. Pick out their width and length with just a few clicks, which really isn’t very complicated overall. Just click the pattern selection key, choose your pattern and click using the arrow keys.

The display will then show you which presser foot to use, and you can pick the width and length of your sewing. Pick out your lettering pattern from here too, but you don’t need to do any of this detail work if you don’t want to. You have the ability to do something simple if you want, and when you get more confident, you can try out a few more complicated stitches.


There are a lot of sewing machines and embroidery machines out there that you can purchase to make your life easier. This Juki HZL F300 sewing machine is made with industrial strength to get all of your work done. But it still has a lot of features, making it one of the more creative sewing machines and embroidery machines out there. Take a look at the digital display to find your stitch pattern and get started - once you’ve figured out which stitch pattern you want out of those 106 that is!

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