Singer 7258 Review

Singer 7258 Review

Singer 7258 Review

Whether you want to create DIY  facemasks, make some curtains, or hem a pair of pants, you need a sewing machine that can produce uniform, even stitches, whizz through seams, and quickly bind together fabric. However, a quick scan reveals tons of viable options on the market, making it quite challenging to identify which machine is suitable for your needs.


  • Durable design
  • Affordable
  • Light and portable
  • Adjustable stitch length and width
  • Useful automatic sewing controls
  • Excellent range of decorative stitches and buttonholes


  • Can be noisy, especially at high sewing speed.

Finding the best sewing machine comes down to various factors such as weight, features, price, and more. There are bulky, heavy-duty options that are perfect for pros who have a specific sewing area and lightweight, portable sewing machines that are ideal if you tend to work on your projects in different locations.

The 7258 stylist sewing machine is a modern machine that's quite advanced with dozens of decorative stitches, computerized programming, and other helpful features. It's well-known for its high sewing speed, extremely efficient performance, ease of work, and quality stitches.

Out of the many Singer 7258 reviews on the web, this one contains all there is to know about the Singer 7258 machine to help you make an informed decision on whether or not it's the suitable machine for your skills and needs.

Overall Thoughts

Easy to use and packed with accessories, the Singer 7258 stylist sewing machine expands your creative possibilities. It features 100 built-in stitches, making quilting, fashion sewing, crafting, and heirloom sewing easier. It has long-lasting durability thanks to its heavy-duty metal frame. This computerized sewing machine comes with a large LCD screen which provides clear viewing of your stitches, including stitch width and stitch length. Plus, you can adjust the stitch length and width to customize as desired for different sewing projects. The 7258 stylist sewing machine also features a practical electronic start and stop button, free arm, programmable needle, and ten presser feet, covering all your primary needs for sewing clothes. However, the problem comes in when you want to stitch many layers of materials together. Nonetheless, the Singer 7258 is very much affordable and helpful all together.

Singer: The Company

Singer has been innovating in the sewing industry since 1851. As one of the oldest companies in the world of sewing, they produced the world's first zig-zag machines and electronic machines. Besides providing top-quality sewing machines, they sell all kinds of accessories, including bobbins, totes, presser feet, dress forms, and sewing machine software.

As a global company, Singer's products are trusted and used in dozens of countries worldwide. You know what's in store for you with Singer sewing machines: quality, affordability, and reliability, and the Singer 7258 is no exception.

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Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine: The Look and Intuitive Design

With its bright finish and computer interface, the Singer 7258 comes with a contemporary and modern appeal. The heavy-duty metal frame makes for a durable and sturdy appearance. It's relatively the size and weight of an average laptop, making it the ideal size for any table or desk to work on.

Intuitive Design

One of the reasons why many beginners tend to avoid high-tech machines is how challenging it can be to learn all the controls and settings. Although the Singer 7258 stylist sewer machine is computerized, its symbols are still easy to use and understand. For instance, if you want to select a stitch, you must set your computer to the corresponding digit using the diagram printed on the sewing machine beneath the LCD screen display. Plus, you can select the stitch length and stitch width on the same display. 

We tested the Singer 7258 and liked that the perfect stitch length and width for various stitch settings are auto-selected. So if you're starting, this feature takes out a lot of the guesswork of trying new stitches. But you can still change the stitch length and stitch width manually if you want. Most intermediate and advanced sewers will really appreciate this customization.

The accessory drawer is simply the perfect size for all the extra sewing presser feet, bobbins, and other accessories the Singer 7258 comes with. Its latched door enables you to keep everything secure when not in use. You can store things like bobbins, upper thread, and specialty needles in a separate compartment basket. But for maintenance items such as specialized sewing feet and brushes, storing them in your accessory drawer prevents them from getting lost.

Feel free to take off the drawer when sewing small items like doll clothes. But you can still leave it if you like a more rigid workspace. Besides being lightweight, the Singer 7258 stylist sewer machine comes with a carrying handle, making it easy to move. Although it's a portable machine, it lacks a hard carrying case. Hence it won't be a better option if you'll be transporting your device a lot.

Setup Process: Easy and Fun

Singer has a collection of YouTube videos to demonstrate how you can use the Singer 7258 features. Since the tutorials are machine-specific, you only need to follow along to master all the controls. And, the included DVD is a great resource that can help you get started.

We tested out winding the bobbin with the automatic bobbin winding clutch, and all we can say is it couldn't be any easier. Through the printed diagram on the sewing machine, we were able to set it up correctly. And it only took us a couple of minutes to wind the thread onto the bobbin.

Another thing that amazed us is that the bobbin winder automatically stops when the bobbin is full. In addition to reducing wasted thread, this ensures the bobbin wound is ready to use when you want to start sewing. Threading the machine is also easy as you only need to follow the arrows and steps printed on the machine. The 7258 stylist sewing machine features an automatic needle threader, which can help you set up your unit.

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Selecting a Stitch and Protection

You'll love how simple it is to select a stitch from the menu. Instead of complicated menus full of complex symbols and options, you only need to choose the number matching your desires stitch. These numbers are conveniently printed below the display. With its preset automatic options, you'll feel more confident when trying out new stitches.

The included dust cover protects your sewing machine from dust and dirt when not in use. Storing your unit with a cover helps prolong its life. Remember, dust and dirt can impact your machine's performance, thus increasing the maintenance you'll have to do. So, always ensure you use the foldable plastic dust cover when storing your sewing machine.

However, this cover can't protect your machine from falls or bumps. That said, if you're planning to use the Singer 7258 as a portable machine, you'll have to buy a hard case or a separate tote.


Singer is well-known for making top-rated sewing machines. Since most pros use Singer products, getting to know their unique controls in a primary machine is a big step into becoming a professional. One of the best aspects of the 7258 stylist sewing machine is how best it suits various sewers, ranging from beginners to intermediates and advanced users.

Speedy trial runs on fabric are always the best way to familiarize yourself with a brand new sewer machine and learn how good its foot pedal is. We tried out the zig-zag stitch and straight stitch during our many tests and were impressed with how easy and fun it was to work on our projects. The Singer 7258 comes with 100 stitch options, including 76 decorative stitches and six types of buttonholes.

This is more than most beginner machines, making it an ideal option if you're looking forward to handling more advanced projects later. The included buttonhole foot is straightforward to use as you can easily select the type of buttonhole you want and change out the foot.

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Sewing Process

As for the sewing process, you only need to select the stitch from the menu and then use the foot pedal to kickstart the process. Your machine will automatically adjust the needle while maintaining the perfect stitch length, width, and tension. We also used cotton to test out different stitches and were happy as they all turned out great. The tension remained consistent the whole time, and we didn't experience any jams or skipped stitches.

Unlike other portable or beginner-friendly sewing machines, the Singer 7258 can do basic embroidery. This means you won't have to buy a separate embroidery machine. The option to have the stitches stop sewing in the needle down position works pretty well with projects that need you to pivot your fabric while working on your line of stitches.

Advanced Features

Electronic Autopilot and Start/Stop Button

Any feature that makes machine sews and sewing stitches less of a multi-tasking nightmare and a little bit easier is a massive win in most sewers' books. With the 7258 stylist sewing machine's built-in electronic autopilot, you can sew comfortably without using the foot pedals. What's more, its speed control feature enables you to adjust your machine's speed up to its maximum sewing speed of 750 stitches per minute.

Automatic Needle Threader

Another bonus that makes threading the needle easier and fun is the automatic needle threader. Needle threading can be tedious when it comes to some sewing machines. As a beginner, this might quickly put you off sewing stitches. Luckily, the Singer 7258 takes the hassle out of sewing machines and threading the needle. Remember, the quicker you thread the needle, the more time you'll have to work on your sewing project.

Top Loading Bobbin System

The drop in bobbin system promotes a quick, easy, and reliable bobbin replacement. And, Its clear cover helps you keep a watchful eye on your bobbin so you won't have to guess when you need to swipe it out.

Thirteen Needle Positions and Twin Needle Capability

Although this machine is suitable for beginners, it remains a popular option for most pro sewers. This is because it has potential for advanced and more adventurous projects. For instance, the twin needle capability is ideal for beautiful trouser hems and sleeves. Plus, you can also use it in decorative embroidery projects. But keep in mind that sewer 7258 doesn't feature twin needles, so you must purchase them separately. With 13 different sewing positions, you can work on various projects more or less anytime you want to.

Programmable Needle Up/Down

This feature allows you to program your needle to rest in an up position or down when you stop sewing. This is perfect for quilting and fabric handling, where you need more space to maneuver. You can switch this function any time by just pressing the button.

Added Accessories

The Singer 7258 has thread spool caps, darning plate, introductory DVD (English, French, Spanish), auxiliary spool pin, seam ripper, power cord, needle plate screwdriver, and an instruction manual. Plus, it features many presser feet like zipper foot, blind hem foot, darning plate foot, rolled hem foot, satin stitch foot, and an all-purpose foot.

Give the Sewer 7258 a Try

As you can see, the Singer 7258 stylist machine comes with the right balance of high-tech specs, automatic and manual controls, and a mid-market price. If you're searching for a heavy-duty machine to work on heavy materials such as denim, this machine isn't for you. However, if you're pleased working on smaller projects and love the chance to be adventurous in your crafts, then you'll never go wrong with the Singer 7258.

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