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Should You Buy A Used Embroidery Machine? Not Before You Know What To Look For

I am sure that every person who embroiders has asked themselves this question at least once. It doesn't matter if you're into commercial embroidering, a startup, or just do it for a hobby, it's all the same.

With the prices of top-quality embroidery machines being what they are, it is easy to fall into the price trap of buying used equipment.

Sometimes, a used embroidery machine can be a great deal, but other times it can be a terrible long term investment.

Essential Considerations When Choosing Between New & Used Embroidery Equipment.

Technology Changes

When you buy an embroidery machine second hand, the odds are that you're not getting the latest model.

In some cases, this can be fine. But more often than not, by buying a used embroidery machine, you're investing in outdated equipment that can't grow with your business.

Some embroidery machines can be upgraded; however, there are machines that use outdated hardware, such as floppy disks and lower-bit processors that are unrealistic to upgrade.

This can result in a machine prone to problems, and one that has a lower SPM rate.

Check the SPM rate of the specific used embroidery machine you are considering to see if its output is in line with your business goals. If it is, then keep reading to see what else you should consider.

Damage, Wear & Tear

Embroidery machines can take a beating, especially if used for commercial applications.

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Buying a machine with wear and tear is always a risk, and should be one of the biggest considerations when shopping for a used embroidery machine.

The age of the machine is much less important than the damage it has. The amount of damage a machine has is solely dependent on the user. Some operators treat their embroidery machines like babies, and others will throw them through the wringer.

Check to see if the machine has any history of repair and if it shows signs of inadequate maintenance, such as improper lubrication, or home-made repairs.

Test The Machine

It's not recommended to buy a used embroidery machine online. They only embroidery machine you should be buying off of the internet is a new one, with a warranty from the manufacturer.

If you opt to buy a used embroidery machine, you're going to want to test it before buying to make sure it works the way you need it to, and as expected.

Establishing Value

One of the hardest parts of buying anything used, especially something like an embroidery machine, is establishing its value and getting a fair price.

If the machine does everything you need it to do and then some, it is a worthwhile investment to pay a little more for it than you would a machine that may hold you back.

Are you considering buying a used embroidery machine?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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