Embroidery Gift Ideas

Embroidery Gift Ideas For All Ages

Handcrafted gifts mean more than something store-bought. If you've got a knack for embroidery and want to create something that someone will love, here are a few great embroidery gift ideas and embroidery projects to get you started.


One of the easiest and most straightforward embroidery projects is an embroidered bracelet. You can either create the bracelet from scratch or embroider a pattern onto an existing bracelet template.

Cuffs and bracelets are one of the quicker and easier items you can embroider that will make a great DIY gift idea.

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Button Earrings

Along the same lines as the bracelets, a great embroidery project is button earrings.  Button earrings can be embroidered to bring an extra bit of flair and love front and center.
For this gift idea, you're going to need a blank earring to work off of. You can add your stitching pattern to the head of the earring to make the design something your friend, family, or loved one will adore.

Cross Stitch Photos & Embroidery Designs

If you like the idea of doing cross-stitch embroidery, this classic gift idea will go a long way. You can create anything you want. Just grab an embroidery hoop, a template, and start stitching beautiful embroidery designs.

Create something that is themed, or something original, and your friends are sure to love the gift.

Embroider A Stuffed Animal

Add custom embroidery designs or a custom message to a stuffed animal to bring a low-cost, but incredibly thoughtful gift to life.

You won't need much else other than a stuffed animal, an embroidery machine, and an idea.

Embroider a Purse Or Bag

Taking the same general idea from embroidering a stuffed animal, you can add custom embroidery designs to a purse or bag to create an original work of embroidery art that will make for a great gift.

Make sure you go with a material that will take to embroidery well. Stay away from plastics or other base materials that may rip and can't be repaired.

Finding The Right Idea

When it comes to embroidery, there are no limits. If you have the time and creativity, you can create a custom embroidered gift that someone will love.

With these ideas as a start, think about some unique ideas that could take your embroidery designs to the next level.

What Does The Recipient Like? Is There a Gift Theme?

Since you have so much freedom with embroidery, you need somewhere to start. Think about some things that the person receiving the gift may relate to. Do they like pets? Are they passionate about certain music? Lifestyle choices? Do they have kids?

Use these ideas as a base for your design.

By combining custom ideas with the versatility of embroidery, you can create a customized gift at a low cost, which will mean a lot to the person who receives it.

Wrapping It All Up

If you're making a gift for someone, they are sure to love it (even if it turns out bad!) So be creative with your embroidery projects, be original, and get embroidering!

Do you have more embroidery gift ideas? Let us know some of your favorite ideas in the comments section below! We love hearing from our readers.

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