Mechanical vs. Computerized Sewing Machines

Mechanical vs. Computerized Sewing Machine -Pros & Cons

Key things to Consider When Deciding Between a Mechanical or Computerized Sewing Machine

Back in the old days, the only type of sewing machine available was the mechanical machine variety. However, in today's world, computerized sewing machines are becoming more and more popular. This leads many people to wonder which is better and if a computerized sewing machine is indeed worth the higher price tag. We are here to help!

Whether you're doing quilting or sewing, you're likely going to have to choose between a mechanical or computerized. For sewing, generally you don't need as heavy duty of a machine, but for bigger projects and quilting, you're going to need something a little heftier.

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What kind of sewing will you be doing? 

Depending on the type of sewing you're going to be doing, you may lean more towards computerized of mechanical for your specific situation. I can honestly say that most of the computerized devices have a ton of features, such as built-in-stitches, buttonholes, and a lot more useful functionality than entry-level mechanical machines. On the flip side of the coin, if you're not going to be using all of the available features on a regular basis, it doesn't really matter if they are included or not. Don't waste money on what you won't be using. If you're doing very simple projects, a mechanical machine will do just fine.

If you only intend on doing projects such as home projects, repair services, and alternations, a mechanical machine will likely do just fine.

If you're doing more heavy duty work, such as sewing as a business or working with materials such as leather, you may want a more heavy duty, computerized machine.

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Just how technologically wise are you? 

Computerized machines can be overwhelming if you aren't very technologically inclined. The computerized machine will have a screen, menus and more complicated functionality. If you're comfortable with this and will use the features, a computerized sewing machine could be a great choice.

How big if your budget? 

Generally speaking, mechanical sewing machines will be considerably less expensive than their computerized counterparts. You could stick to the same brand of machine and only have the difference be the mechanical vs computerized model and find that the mechanical version can be $100+ more expensive than the computerized version. This is simply because mechanical machines are cheaper to produce, and don't' require the actual computer aspect.

And as I pointed out above, make certain you are not paying extra for attributes that you do not require and will certainly never make use of.

Choosing Between A Computerized and Mechanical Sewing Machine

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. If you're committed to using your sewing machine as part of a business, it may be a good idea to invest in the computerized version. This will help you with larger projects and ultimately yield a better quality product in a shorter period of time.

Remember to be honest with yourself. Are you going to use all of the features that go along with a computerized sewing machine or are you just drawn in by the idea of it? If your projects are generally small, you could be wasting money by opting for a computerized sewing machine instead of a mechanical one.

Make sure to read reviews of any product you are considering buying, and don't be afraid to buy a sewing machine second hand! By scouring the internet, you can easily find great deals on used computerized machines that could give you all of the functionality without the higher price tag.

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