How To Thread A Sewing Machine

How To Thread A Sewing Machine

When it comes to using your sewing machine the proper way, the best place for instructions is always going to be the user manual. However, sewing machines are one of those things that can get handed down from generation to generation. Many people find themselves with a "new to you" sewing machine, and no idea how to use it.

The good news is, most sewing machines are fairly similar. The features they have may differ from model to model, but for the most part, the essentials are all nearly the same.

On almost all sewing machines, you can expect to find the following:

The tension disc is on the top left of the sewing machine, and is generally near the take-up lever and/or tension wheel. The bobbin thread winder and spool pins can be found on the right. Near the far left of the machine, you should notice the hand wheel, and finally, the stitch selector is typically near the lower front right side of the machine.

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Now that you've identified all the critical parts of your machine, it's time to get to business!

Why Good Threading Matters

If your goal is to achieve secure, attractive stitches, then threading your machine the correct way is essential. Getting it right is one of the best things a beginner seamstress can master. Although there are a variety of sewing machine sizes and models on the market, the general process they use to make a stitch are all the same.

Steps For Threading A Sewing Machine

If you have an electric sewing machine, make sure you unplug it before continuing. This ensures your machine doesn't get ahead of you in this process.

Step 1: Put the presser foot in the upward position and place a spool on the spool holder. Insert the thread into the thread guide across the top of the machines.

Step 2: Find the tension mechanism on your machine. Once you find it, bring the thread down to the tensioner and guide your thread through the metal disks of the tensioner and pull the thread back upward.

Step 3: Find the take-up mechanism. This is the part of the machine (normally around the front) that goes up and down when you turn the wheel. Guide your thread through the take-up lever and downward on the left side of the take-up lever.

Step 4: Locate and thread any thread guide locations and thread the sewing machine needle.

Step 5: Check your work, if you see any thread flap around, you've likely missed a thread guide and need to make adjustments.

Step 6: Start sewing!

Getting starting with a new sewing machine can feel overwhelming at first, but it's not as scary as it might sound! If you need to, pull up the instruction manual for your specific model of sewing machine online to see the specifics.

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